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CIAL Infrastructures Ltd.
CIAL operates the world’s first fully solar powered airport and now incorporates APV pilot projects.
Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems
As the largest solar research institute in Europe,Fraunhofer ISE creates the techno-logical foundations for supplying energy efficiently
Harsha Abakus Solar Private Ltd.
Harsha Abakus Solar provides comprehen-sive solutions to all Solar Photovoltaic re-quirements. The com-pany engineers and executes solar instal-lations for clients globally.
Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.
The largest
Micro-Irrigation company in the world, providing services
fromsoil survey and engineering design to agronomic support.
Jain Tissue Culture
Jain Tissue culture works for the propagation and supply of elite Tissue Culture Planting Material to benefit the farming community. 
Oakridge Energy
As a market leader in end-to-end solar installations, Oakridge offers a blend of experience, technical expertise and reliability.
SunSeed APV Ltd.
SunSeed APV offers a wide range of consulting and project planning/management services from design to execution of Agrivoltaics
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